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"52% Increase In Student Enrollment"

Since we've started Nu Dynamix we've had a 52% increase in student enrollment and 74% increase in retention

- Chris Cusanelli -

Innovative Martial Arts

" By far one of the best programs for kids"

This is by far one of the best programs for kids. It helps them develop great habits in a FUN way at an early age!

- Bobby Rekha -

Oyster Bay Family Karate

"Easy To Follow , Easy To Implement"

The lessons are easy to follow and easy to implement into any classroom as a mat chat, monthly theme or into a leadership program.

- Terrance Evins -

King Tiger Tae Kwon Do

"A Must Have !!!"


The material that is given o a weekly basis is top notch! If you want to add to your mat "Mat Chat " to talk about good eating habits and healthy foods; look no further.

- Kevin Noviello -

Granite State American Kenpo Karate

"Improved our program Tremendously"

Nu-dynamix has improved our kids program tremendously, it is a HUGE value adder and every school should be a part of it. Great to have a health program in the martial arts industry.

- Ed Turney -

Shaolin Kung Fu and Fitness

"Game Changer...Get this product"


As a school owner, NuDynamix is a game changer... The content is great and brings more value to the conversations in all of the classes throughout the week.

- Michael Ferreira -

100 Percent Martial Arts

"Every School Owner NEEDS This Program"

Every school owner NEEDS this program. We talk a lot about self defense in the martial arts, finally, there is a well organized way to help kids learn to defend themselves from terrible nutrition choices.

- Fred Marino -

Monkey Fist Martial Arts


  • Add Value To Your Facility

    Nutrition is an integral part of health. By adding NuDynamix you are increasing value to your facility by teaching clients about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Retention Is Key

    Keep your clients happy by giving them something they can not get anywhere else. The lessons involved are so amazing and fun that clients will never want to leave.

  • Social Media Explosion

    If Social Media is something you are struggling to get better with, NuDynamix has the ground breaking material to get your clients talking about you all over the latest social media platforms.

  • Enrollments Have Never Been Easier

    Coming to the moment that you have to ask for a sale may never happen again.Clients will be throwing their credit cards your way before you even get a chance to ask.

  • Staff Training

    One of the biggest problems extracurricular programs have is training your staff on them. Unlike every program before NuDynamix, staff training only takes minutes, and they instantly become experts in the field.

  • Increased Business

    What does all of this mean? Only that by implementing our fully proven system you will put more dollars back into your pocket each and every month.

  • Story Telling

    Storytelling is one of the best ways kids learn. Storytelling helps kids understand culture, improve long term memory, cognition and keeps kids attention much longer.


  • The worst thing in the world is getting staff to properly use any program. We spent long hours testing and refining all of our material so it is easily implemented. When staff members open their binder and see the material, what they get is mix of short line script and bullet points. Easily printed and read in a matter of seconds.

  • Imagine being able to pick up a piece of paper and in less than a minute teach like you’ve studied the material for years in a prestigious ivy league school.

  • Clear markings and indicators prompt the instructor what to read, what to ask, and  gives additional information to make the implementation so effortless that a freshman in high school can look like an expert.

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Meet The Creator

Dean K. Monitto, L.Ac, MSTCM

Dean Monitto is the curriculum developer of  NuDynamix Nutrition and has dedicated his life to health and wellness. Dean received his Master’s of Science in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine from Florida College of Integrative Medicine, Orlando, Florida. He received his Bachelors of Science in Education from Long Island University Post.

He has taught at the elementary, middle, high school and college levels.  He has created and taught hundreds of lesson plans from the Kindergarten level through  graduate school level.  He has successfully run his Acupuncture and holistic medicine practice for over 15 years.  Dean was the 1st alternative health provider for Universal Studios, Orlando. In his extensive practice he was honored to work with various team members of Team USA Track and field, University of Central Florida football, University of Florida, Gainesville women’s Volleyball and the Orlando Predators indoor Football team.

While in practice Dean was honored to be the Clinic Director and a Professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Florida College of Integrative Medicine and New York College of Health Professions.

Dean is also an EMT for Commack Volunteer Ambulance Corps., where he volunteers his services to help his community.

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